CCCS Will Begin Small Group Instruction for TK-3

September 26, 2020

Dear HAWK Families:

Starting October 5th, we will be bringing back our TK-3rd grade students for small group instruction per the California Department of Public Health’s Guidance Related to Cohorts.  We will be following our Safe Reopen Plan to ensure the safety of all students and staff members.  Please see the new temporary schedule as follows:

Monday – Thursday


  • TK/Kinder – In Person
  • 1st – In Person
  • 2nd – Distance Learning
  • 3rd – Distance Learning


  • TK/Kinder – Distance Learning
  • 1st – Distance Learning
  • 2nd – In Person
  • 3rd – In Person


  • All students will be doing independent practice in TK-3 and participating in Art (if scheduled on a Friday)
  • TK-3 Teachers will prep and plan from 8:00-1:30 – Collaboration Friday from 1:30-3:30

Grades 4-8 will continue with Distance Learning for now.  We are paying close attention to the Butte County COVID numbers.  Once the county moves into the red color and remains in the red for 14 days, the school can reopen for in person education.  We will keep you posted on all updates.

For the TK-3 families, we are asking you to let your teacher know which platform you will choose.  Please be on the lookout for communication from your TK-3rd grade child’s teacher.

We understand that this school year continues to be tricky with COVID, fire, and power outages.  This year has made us more flexible and thankful for the little things.  We appreciate how dedicated you are to our community and school.  One thing is certain – we are in this together and we will navigate together with love and support.

If you have any questions about the newest change, please reach out to your child’s teacher or the office.  We are happy to clarify anything for you.

Please see our Reopening Plan below.  It addresses our 3 plans for opening our school safely.

Updated Safe Reopen Plan 9.24.2020

If you have any questions, please reach out to our office at 530-877-2227 or you can email me directly at

Thank you families,

Dr. Farrer

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