The goal of Children's Community Charter School (CCCS) is to incorporate voluntary parent participation on a small cohesive campus where teachers facilitate the students' learning process with high academic expectations.  The focus is on integrated curriculum emphasizing the knowledge needed to function in our diverse society.

CCCS offers a unique educational opportunity for students K-8.  CCCS provides a balanced and integrated curriculum aligned to the California State Standards.  Our focus is on 21st Century Skills with the goal of preparing our students for the changing workforce which they will enter upon their graduation.  Currently there are 240 students enrolled in self-contained classrooms in grades K-5 and in a departmentalized middle school model for grades 6-8.

CCCS is unique in that parent participation is expressly written into the school's charter.  It is our collective philosophy that the establishment of a partnership between home and school is a critical element in the success of our students.  We value our parent volunteers and our students reap the benefits of their support. 

CCCS students in grades K-5 have the opportunity to visit our innovative science lab once a week.  Our middle school students visit the lab daily.  Additionally, K-5 students enjoy art once a week and music twice a week.  Middle school students are able to take art and music as elective courses.