The goal of Children's Community Charter School (CCCS) is to incorporate voluntary parent participation on a small cohesive campus where teachers facilitate the students' learning process with high academic expectations.  The focus is on integrated curriculum emphasizing the knowledge needed to function in our diverse society.

Here at CCCS we work as a team to help students develop skills and character traits that will allow them to have a positive impact in the world.  We have high expectations academically and socially for all CCCS students.  Our role as educators is to promote higher level thinking skills for students inside and outside of the classroom.  Each student has a certain skill set that can contribute to each classroom and the school as a whole.  Embracing differences and expanding upon similarities is vital for prosperity. We strive for students to become well rounded individuals and to be kind to one another.  Students will become resilient to the challenges they endure and learn to stay true to themselves.  Staff  is dedicated, self-less, caring, empathetic and prepared to do whatever it takes for students to achieve success. 

CCCS students in grades K-5 have the opportunity to visit our innovative science lab once a week.  Our middle school students visit the lab daily.  Additionally, K-5 students enjoy art once a week and music twice a week.  Middle school students are able to take art and music as elective courses.