January 3rd, 2019

Temporary Hawks Line: 530-413-8001

Address at Grace Community Church is:

2346 Floral Ave, Chico, CA 95926

Happy New Year,

School starts on Monday, January 7th!

After this break I hope you all feel a little more rested, organized and situated. Speaking for my family, we are all ready for school to start.

Please keep bearing with us as we settle in to our new facility; Jessica, Max, Amanda, myself and all of the teachers and staff have been working hard over the break to help this week go smoothly. We will need your help, more on that later.

We will not be serving breakfast going forward. Please feed your children before school, it’s the most important meal of the day.

“Hot Lunch” is being provided for all students, free, by PUSD starting on Tuesday the 8th. We do not know what this is or what is or isn’t included yet. (Don’t know allergen info either yet) You may choose to pack a lunch for your child, as always.

Pack a lunch for your student(s) on Monday!

Pick-up & Drop-off Schedule will remain the same as it was before the fire.


The doors at Grace Church will open at 7:45 for students. For now we are keeping the kids in the Children’s Chapel in the morning. Recesses will generally be outdoors if weather permits.

Kindergarten starts at 8:15

1st through 8th start at 8:30

Pick up: Monday-Thursday

Kindergarten 1:25

First, Second, Third 2:55

Fourth & Fifth 3:05

Sixth, Seventh, Eighth 3:15

Pick up: Friday & Minimum days

Kindergarten 11:55

First, Second, Third 12:25

Fourth & Fifth 12:30

Sixth, Seventh, Eighth 12:40

Pack a lunch for your student(s) on Monday!

The bell schedule (though we have no bells per se) will be finalized during the first weeks of school, we are trying to stick to the fall schedule but be flexible enough to adapt.

Pack a lunch for your student(s) on Monday!

We need your help, watch your teacher’s Facebook pages for classroom times, Jessica has posted a request for special times that are key for us, we really need volunteers to be there at those times, if you can’t be there that day, help us out and find a sub! Again as we move forward we may need more or less help in different areas, thank you for being flexible.

CCCS Parking Map at Grace Community Church

CCCS Parking Map at Grace Community Church


(530) 413-8001

FAX: not at this time

Temporary Mailing Address:

PO Box 6729

Chico, CA 95927

In 2017-18, the school received $281,683 in Education Protection Account (EPA) funding.  These funds were spent on teacher salaries.

In 2018-19, the school anticipates receiving  approximately $261,438 in Education Protection Account (EPA) funding.  These funds will be spent exclusively on teacher salaries.





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