07 May 2019

Dear CCCS Families & Stakeholders:

 I write to you today on behalf of the entire Board of Directors and CCCS Staff. The last several months have been the most challenging most of us have ever endured and we know the struggles will continue for some time yet. Through the efforts of many, including our teachers, administration, staff, Board, and fellow Paradise school leaders, we have found and created a beautiful temporary home at Grace Community Church. We could not be more grateful to Pastor Bryan, Dee Wills, and the volunteer and professional staff at the church for the welcome they have laid for us. Whatever your belief system may be, service to others is usually a large part of it, and we have been blessed by many, many servants on behalf of your children.

As you know, we have the option to remain at Grace for another two years should we choose to do so. To that end, we have submitted a legal “waiver” to PUSD which will allow to continue to function outside of the District boundaries for those additional two years. We also anticipate the Governor’s budget will include certain financial protections so that we can pay our bills and teachers despite reduced enrollment.

 But Grace does have limitations and those legal waivers will not last forever. Paradise is the school’s home and to home we must return. The sooner we reconstitute CCCS in Paradise, the sooner people who are returning to rebuild the Town will have one of the most important resources for any family - a school. Founded in 1996, CCCS was Paradise’s first charter school, so the school has been providing quality educational choice for almost 25 years now. To ensure the viability of CCCS for the next 25 years, we cannot remain in Chico any longer than necessary. Certainty breeds certainty and uncertainty the same.

Although we are moving toward returning as quickly as possible, when this move will actually happen is still very much an unknown, as there are many hurdles to jump before we can safely return to the Paradise campus. We are currently tackling each hurdle as it comes our way and, so far, the administration building and 5-8 wing have both been professionally cleaned. We have obtained a permit to clear the debris from the property, are inspecting our well for viability, working with PG&E to restore power, and looking into modular buildings until a plan can be designed for a new, permanent CCCS campus.

The Board and staff are all mindful of the need to ensure our students’ safety when we return and we are committed to using the best people and the best practices to do so. Not to put too fine a point on it, we will not ask your families to return unless and until we would send our own children to the school. As soon as we have a proposed date to move back, we will let you know immediately, so you may prepare and plan accordingly.

While many changes have already occurred, we all know that more are coming. Some will be positive, others challenging, but change is truly inevitable. Every member of the Board takes his or her role very seriously and we all feel the burden to get this right for all of you and for the community we serve. If and as you have questions, be sure to ask. If you have skills to offer, please make those known. Getting here has required everyone to be “all in” and getting home will require the same.

Thank you for putting your faith in the school and specifically in your teachers, who care deeply about all of your children.

Maximilian Barteau, Board President

Children’s Community Charter School


CCCS Parking Map at Grace Community Church

CCCS Parking Map at Grace Community Church


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In 2017-18, the school received $281,683 in Education Protection Account (EPA) funding.  These funds were spent on teacher salaries.

In 2018-19, the school anticipates receiving  approximately $261,438 in Education Protection Account (EPA) funding.  These funds will be spent exclusively on teacher salaries.


These are some photos of the beautiful facility that we share with Grace Community Church.,



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